The Espresso Doctor was excellent – A1 .

November 22 2017
I am pleased to provide a testimonial regarding service provided by The Espresso Doctor.
I have a DeLonghi Coffee Maker (Model ESAM5500). From the day it was purchased it never made a cappuccino as expected .
There were several services to attempt to rectify the problem and after the last service I requested that the machine be replaced . I was directed to contact The Espresso Doctor and did so with some reluctance because we felt that the machine was no good .

The service from The Espresso Doctor was excellent – A1 . Advice on collection and explanation as to the service to be provided was friendly helpful . The machine was very quickly repaired and returned to me without delay . A detailed explanation as to the repairs made were provided.

The best thing however is that the machine has never worked so well , in fact better than ever!!!!.
John and Marilyn DEKKERS


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